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coat; cap

Catalogue number: coat: 31-7-7 ; cap: 30-3-8

Name (English): coat; cap

Name (French): manteau, chapeau

Name (Innu): pishakanakup, akunishkueun

Culture: Barren Ground Innu (Mushuau Innu, Naskapi)

Institution: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Place made: Labrador

Collector: Frank G. Speck

Date Collected: 1931

Description: Child's painted summer coat. Made of white tanned caribou hide. Decorated in red, yellow and blue painted triangles, dark bands and curvilinear designs (with dots) on the front and back. The collar is painted in bands and the sleeves and cuffs are painted in bands and triangles. Child's summer cap with leather ties. Painted in red and blue trianglular, diamond and linear designs. On the left and right sides of the cap, there are two seven-pointed star designs.

Museum Image Number: 174739

Measurements: 30-3-8 (cap): L. 16 cm; ties: L. 41 cm; 31-7-7 (coat): L. 52 cm